The Evolution of Faux

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Posted on October 23 2018

The Evolution of Faux

There’s a transfiguration happening through the downfall of the brutal luxury fur market now enters the high fashion saviour, faux fur.  No longer an item destined for the landfill. Faux fur is being consciously crafted to be passed down through the generations. Consumers and animal rights activists have demanded the end of the brutal use of animals for their pelts.   We are seeing an evolution in the luxury marketplace. Fashion houses are listening and ending their use of fur. Ethics, values and compassion are steering the ship.

Embracing slow fashion, and sustainable practices yes this is the evolution of faux! One of our favourite NYC fashion labels are causing a stir.  We adore House of Fluff, not only because the founder and designer Kym Canter is a true faux fur convert herself. We are so on board with their commitment to the environment and sustainable practices. Faux fur is mainly derived from non-biodegradable fabrics like polyester and acrylic there’s good reason to want to keep these beautiful coats around for lifestimes to come.  House of Fluff uses natural dyes and avoids using harsh chemicals. Following in line with the zero-waste movement their “scrapes” are used in their accessories line. Shop House of Fluff (insert link here).

What’s next for faux fur? Will someone create a 100% sustainable and biodegradable luxury textile? The future is in the mix.  VitroLabs are in product development of “BioFur”. They are growing cruelty-free fur pelts and leather from stem cells. What can you believe it? Could we see faux fur actually be “lab grown”  and would it be considered real fur without the environmental impact of raising animals for their pelts. Could we see a truly “cruelty-free” “animal free” faux/real fur…

What excites us most is the shift in consumer consciousness that we are guided by what causes the least harm to others and the environment.   We are looking forward to the further growth and evolution of the the luxury faux market!

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