About Us

It's so much more than fashion & beauty. It's about Revolution.

Virtuous Collection is an edgy, inclusive, fashion and beauty retailer bringing the most thoughtfully curated collection of vegan, fair made and sustainable pieces from leading designers in ethical fashion. 

We merge high fashion with compassion so that one is never forfeited for the other.

Inclusivity is at the heart of what we do. We advocate strongly for the acceptance and equality of all beings, which is why no animals or animal products will ever be used in any of the pieces sold on Virtuous Collection and all items are fair made in facilities where workers are paid a fair wage within safe working conditions. 

Inclusivity for us also means advocating for all bodies; all shapes, sizes and heights. All bodies are beautiful and exquisite fashion pieces should be accessible for all bodies. Our Tall Collection and Extended Sizes Collection ensure that we cater to and honour the diversity of beauty that comes in all forms.

We are elated and proud to be a leading Vegan, Fair and Eco Fashion & Beauty Retailer, partnered with an incredible group of compassionate, forward-thinking Designers in support of this revolutionary shift in the fashion and beauty shopping experience. 

We love you all!

Meet the Founders

Rachel is a free spirited blogger and long time human and animal wellness advocate.

She is an empathic, energetic fire sign, with a passion for laughter, life, adventure and living life to its fullest. Rachel thrives on creating freedom and wellness in her personal world and carries a strong desire to support and create that in the worlds of others; both human and animals. 

Rachel has been involved in human and animal social and wellness initiatives for over a decade, as a participant, and often as an organizer.

Her passion for equality, compassion, freedom and happiness for all beings has led her down many paths in life and has found her now cofounding Virtuous Collection to bring accessibility and compassion to the fashion and beauty world. She has been vegan for over 4 years and has never felt better. Veganism is a conscious lifestyle choice from food to clothing, to beauty and self care. It feels incredible to choose the world that you want to see multiple times a day, everyday. 



Charlotte loves to laugh and make others laugh too! She's a lifestyle and fashion model whom has worked in London and New York, residing in Vancouver BC.  Working closely with brands as a model, ambassador and sales person. She enjoys coordinating, marketing and hosting special events. 

In her experience she's been a guest on tv segments, including for her vegan focused blog, Kind Lifestyles. Featured in various magazines from editorials, runway shots to personal and professional interviews. Charlotte shares with informed enthusiasm about the brands she believes in and adores. 

She has been on the vegan path for almost 4 years. Going full ethical vegan in food, fashion, beauty and lifestyle has been an evolution of inspiration.  With a love for the animals, for creativity and style forward fashion she aims to use her passionate voice to help others discover the vegan life.  For Charlotte it's simply about living from a place of love, fairness and equality. Sharing with others to make this world a happier, healthier and freer place for all!