Unwaveringly Vegan

Virtuous Collection brings the unwavering commitment that all fashion and beauty pieces on our Store are, and always will be, 100% Vegan. Our commitment to ethical fashion and beauty is the backbone of what we do and that will always be a standard that is upheld with passion and devotion.

Vegan fashion is taking the fashion scene, and world by storm and a rising tide of ethical trendsetters are representing a new-wave convergence of style forward fashion with compassion.

Vegan fashion excludes anything containing animal products or byproducts and instead, may provide alternative options. There will be no trace found, ever, of cow in leather, of rabbit, mink, coyote in fur options, of feathers in coats and of snakes in shoes; to name a few. Where an animal may have previously been used to produce fashion and beauty items, we provide an alternative.

We are inspired by our Community of Ethical Designers who show that style forward fashion can converge brilliantly with compassion and that an animal never has to be sacrificed for the the products that we style ourselves in.