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New Moon Ritual Kit


Ritual Bath Kit
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Self-love, care, wisdom + wellness, focusing on the heart.

The New Moon bathing kit is the perfect gift to self or someone you may know who is in need of love.


Now is the perfect time to plant seeds + be open to new ideas + fresh beginnings. It's a time for setting higher intentions + goals that are in alignment with the heart.  When we take care of ourselves + honour our inner needs, we restore, replenish + tap into the magic that is truly within. The love, self-care, healing + respect we give to ourselves, is the greatest reflection of love, care, healing + respect we can share + give to the world.

Each of our beautiful Moon kits comes with:

  • 34 or 16 oz of Botanical healing salt blending with
  • High vibrational essential blend (that smells absolutely divine)
  • Instructions on how to take a Ritual Bath
  • Affirmations + intention setting.
  • Dried flower petals
  • 1 tumbled Smokey Quartz gemstone



    • Set an intention as you run the water. 
    • Add 1-4 Tbsp of salt into the bath.
    • Add Gemstones: Rose quartz, Clear Quartz or whatever resonates in this moment.
    • Add Local or wild flowers: Pink roses. Can be fresh or dried + placed in bath free floating or in a muslim bag. Note: For clean up: Use a bath strainer.
    • Light a candle for purity + remembrance of the light that's within.
    • Dim the lights + as you immerse, feel yourself become one with the water, earth + the vibration of love. 
    • Taking deep intuitive breathes + listen to your inner wisdom + guidance.
    • Put rose quartz over your heart + place hands on top.
    • Send gratitude to self for taking time out + choosing love today
    • Sit + soak in all the love you have created.

     "Thank you, I believe in you, I love all of you, I am listening, Love Is All."

    KEY INGREDIENTS Sodium Chloride (Dead Sea Salt), Pink Himalayan Salt, Vanilla Planifolia (Vanilla), Pelargonium (Geranium), Lavandula (Lavender)

    **For those w/out a tub or who may have physical disabilities, we recommend trying a lunar foot bath to recharge, uplift + enjoy the new moon's energy + love.

    Happy Moon Bathing!